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Sunday, March 18, 2012

CCC Spring Break Giveaway!!!

Carole's CCC post is on Spring Break so I thought this would be the perfect time to do a FUN little give away!!!! 

Wanna win one of these awesome YNS stamps???

Never seen before YNS sentiment...
this must be My Lucky Day!
Card design by Wendy Ramlakhan

Never seen before YNS sentiment...
 don't be fowl, it's just a # you old fart!
Card design by Wendy Ramlakhan

Since Carole entertains us every month with her wit and charm I thought it would be fun to give a little back to her!!!
All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and/or on our YNS Facebook page telling Carole something funny for your chance to win these hilarious Franfou stamps featuring never seen before YNS sentiments!!!!

I'll draw a random winner from this post and another from our YNS Facebook page and I'll post the winners here on March 23rd.

You have until March 22 at midnight to share something funny so let's get started!!!!

Have a FUN and CREATIVE day!



  1. thanks for the opportunty to win! something funny... boss is going to kill me if this gets out but she told me a story
    She was in her drive way getting things out of her car when she felt the cat rubbing her legs.... she looked down to the cat and noticed it was her skirt!!! the clip had come undone and she was flashing her undies and nylons to the neighborhood - hahaha

  2. cute stamps... great ideas in using them too...

  3. HA! I will let you know that I have been coming back to the CCC everyday since FRIDAY... Fun Fact Friday should happen on FRIDAY... yes! I DID see the date of the 18th EVERY month, but it really didn't register! ;) Now something funny... hmmm, what don't I say that ISNT funny??? ;)

    Just wanted to say! LOVE that Gator... would LOVE to have him, I see Florida cards being made!;) even though I'm a Duck fan!

  4. SEE!!! I'm HILARIOUS... I called Carole's Creative Commotion Fun Facts Friday... **rolling eyes** UGH!

  5. My daughters are living together in an apartment this year.... oldest has a Westie dog, youngest a black and white Maine Coon cat...

    Now the Westie is starting to act like the cat, and we caught the cat barking like a dog the other day!!

  6. Thanks for a chance to win. These are so cute!

    "I don't think all those screwdrivers really belong to Phillip!"

  7. First off these stamps are so cute!!! Thanks so much for the chance to possibly win one. =)

    Ok so something funny... ready? My son at age 4 (now age 18) was so infactuated with cars and trucks... especially police cars and firetrucks... well one day we were in Mcdonald's eating when a big firetruck went on by with the sirens roaring... my son got so excited to see it that he started standing up on the seat screaming "look mommy there goes a big firefuk" and he said the word firefuck about five times... I was beat red cuz everyone was staring at me and laughing... =)

  8. Thanks for the chance to win!!

    In case you missed it.. My dream job would be the driver of the Kharma bus... :)

  9. Haha cute stamps!!

    Ok my funny story... (which is more cute but w/e)

    Yesterday I brought my friend's 2 year old his birthday gift - a lightning McQueen (from Cars) red faux leather jacket.... and he is refusing to take it off! Its a warmer jacket, and he was wearing it, his t-shirt and only his diaper on the bottom on the porch in 25C weather! Silly goose!

  10. Such cute and Witty for something funny... I have a almost two year old chiweenie that will not leave her bed without taking her blankie with her. So we have an 8lb dog pulling a blanket that is made for a twin bead or so around the house until she is ready to get up fully for the day. I guess she thinks of it as her mobile bed :p

  11. LOVE that chicken stamp! I need the chicken stamp, I would do the chicken dance to get the chicken stamp.

    Here's the funny that started my day today. My parents are from Taiwan, and I'm the first generation born in the US, so sometimes there are translational issues. Here's an excerpt from an email from my mom today: "Are you going to BJs this week? could you get us a bag of dry cranberries and a box of things to put false teeth to clean?" I have no idea what she's talking about in terms of the second item, especially since neither of them actually has false teeth.....

  12. My 4 year old comes up with the most hilarious things to say...the other day he said he wanted to marry his sister since "all the girls are married even the nuns!". thanks for the chance to win some cute stamps.

  13. Very funny sentiments and cute images.
    The last funny thing that happened to me was noticing that I had on two different color shoes when I went to visit my parents and to go out to lunch.

  14. Carole, here's some funny letters written that you may enjoy:

    Also, one of my fav kid jokes:

    What's brown and sticky?

    A STICK! aaahahah :P

  15. I thought this was funny courtesy of my son:

    "If you fall off a 68 story building, will you have time to call a lawyer?"

  16. How about just an old classic joke for something funny- why was 6 afraid of 7! Because 7 - 8 - 9! I hope this comes across in writing. It works much better in person. Thanks for the chance to win.

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Jen Roach <br>Designer
My name is Jennifer and I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and 3 year old daughter. I'm a scientist by day and a paper crafter by night ---or really just about any free time I have including my lunch breaks at work!!

I started out in paper crafting back in about 2002 when my Mom and I took a scrapbooking class together. A few years later I decided to give card making a try and it's been my passion ever since. I'm the world's slowest scrapbooker so the instant gratification of card making really won me over. Over the years I have used more and more stamping in my designs and I love learning and trying new techniques and styles.

I would probably define myself as a "scrappy stamper". I *LOVE* patterned paper and most of my cards have lots of it with added layered on embellishments and textures. My cards may not be easy to mail but boy are they pretty!!

Other than crafting, I love to play tennis as you can probably tell from my blog address:

Julie Elak

Julie Elak <br>Designer
Hi, I am Julie Elak, aka "The Last Minute Crafter". My days are kept busy working full time and running after my children. I use almost every free minute to craft, my purse is typically full of copics and a pari of scissors. I began stamping well over 10 years ago, but my love for paper crafting found renewed energy once I discovered the online community in 2009. I started a blog on a whim and am so happy I did. I have made many friendships and found so much support and encouragement on-line.

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I started scrapbooking in 2006 when I was pregnant with my girls, which led me to stamping and cardmaking a few years later. The point of no return was when I purchased my first Copic marker at a local scrapbook expo 2 years ago... now I'm hooked! I LOVE to color, and it's how I unwind at the end of a busy day! My card making style is fairly clean and simple... I like for the images to be the focus of my creations, so I don't do a lot of embellishing. In addition to Copics, I am also completely obsessed with Kraft Cardstock, and polka dots! I am really looking forward to being a part the YNS team!

Nicole Nastali

Nicole Nastali <br>Designer
Hi! I’m a former kindergarten teacher who is now a stay at home mom to my 2 little girls. My hubby is supportive of all my crafty pursuits and that says a lot about him because I love all kinds of crafts from making headbands, bows, & designing dresses to making party favors and now cards!! I am a newcomer on the stamping scene and have met so many wonderful crafting friends already thanks to the common joy of card making and coloring with Copic markers. I would color all day long if my family would let me…!! Lol! My favorite colors are the blue greens (affectionately called the BG’s) and I try to sneak them into every card I make!! I love to get crafty with my girls (ages 8 & 6) and let them color images right along side me. It’s a fun hobby for us all to share!! A sleepover stamp from YNS was one of my very first stamp purchases & I’ve been in love with Fhiona & friends ever since!! I’m thrilled to be joining the YNS Team with this group of fabulously talented ladies & I can’t wait to share my cards with you!!

Ruza Rebel

Ruza Rebel <br>Designer
I'm a former Administrative Assistant turned stay-at-home mom to a very special young lady. I've been crafting since I was a young child, and when I became a SAHM I turned to crafting to stay busy. Staying busy making cards, altering items, and just having fun with paper is an amazing hobby that I truly fell in love with. I'm very grateful that I have a husband that supports me, that my son loves seeing my creations as well, and my special young lady enjoys getting into my crafts. I truly love the challenge of making something beautiful with the various products available to the crafting industry. That is why I am super excited to share my projects featuring the amazing YNS Digital Stamps, and I look forward to seeing your creations as well!

Sheila Veitch

Sheila Veitch <br>Designer
I was borne and grew up in a small town Canada. I started paper crafting in the fall of 2007, when I saw a stamping catalogue one of my friends had laying around her home. I took one look through the catalogue and was so excited because I knew I had found my favorite hobby at last! Making Cards. I’m a natural born artist, I completed a graphic arts program in college and worked as an artist for several years a life time ago. I currently work as an office administrator in Toronto where I live with my dog Georgie. Though I absolutely love my job, this hobby is my creative outlet. I believe, the cards I make are like little works of art, expressed from the heart. I find that when I’m making a card for a specific person, I am thinking about that person through the whole process. And that in itself can be the gift.

Thanh Vo

Thanh Vo <br>Designer
Hello there! I’m Thanh (pronounced “tan”). I live in the Metro Vancouver area of Canada in a suburban apartment. I'm so excited to be joining the YNS Design Team! I was the July 2012 Guest Designer and have fallen hard for the the images since. I work full-time during the day and can be found in my little craftin' haven at night either sipping a cup of tea or a yummy martini! I'm a Design member for other fabulous companies as well, if you would like to learn more about me, please visit my blog. Take care and I look forward to creating with you!

Wendy McGaffey

Wendy McGaffey <br>Designer
Hey Wendy McGaffey here with a lil about me.....I have been happily married for 27 years... I have 3 grown children and 3 furbabies and I love crafting...☺...I usually have several projects on the go from crocheting a stuffed teddy bear to sewing a memory quilt, but honestly I have to say that paper crafting and making cards is number one on my list...I started out scrapbooking but fell in LOVE with stamps and then became slightly addicted to coloring with Copics .....I am having a ton of fun on the YNS team and absolutely love creating with their products.
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